In the depths of forests

A family attraction which reaches a height of 16 metres (52½ feet)

Tree-top walk

A slow walk followed by a slow food picnic!

A picnic in Silly

In the forests attached to Château de l’Hermitage

Bonsecours forest

Combine a change of scene in the countryside with foodie break!

"L’Enclus du Haut et la Houpe"

In the depths of the forests

Admire the carpets of hyacinths and anemones. Observe the jays with their colourful plumage and listen to the great spotted woodpeckers tapping on tree trunks. Distinguish between beech, oak and maple trees. At your feet, a slow worm, a common frog or a shrew. While newts, salamanders and toads are kings of the castle on the ground, peregrine falcons, kestrels and also common buzzards and honey buzzards swoop around, high above our heads. At daybreak, look carefully: the deer are not far away and little owls stand proudly amongst the hawthorn and blackthorn hedges which form the boundaries of meadows. In any season, the forests of the picardy Wallonia will always work their charm on you.