Wander in the hills

Make preparations for your outing at Maison du Pays des Collines


Visit the ass centre in Le Pays des Collines on Sunday afternoons!

Ass’s milk

The beverage of the witch Quintine, unmissable!

Bewitching beer

Enchanting encounters in the Strange zone

Artistic walk

Wander in the hills

In the Pays de Collines, you go roam around rolling and mysterious landscapes where fantastical creatures and very mischievous witches hide in waiting. This well-conserved countryside charms the visitor with its bucolic views, willow trees and copses, windmills and unusual tracks you can walk down. Here, artists sow their art on the side of the pathways, poets declaim their love for nature and lovers of folklore perpetuate oral traditions and local festivities. Wandering the hills also means taking the time to have a beer or two at the “Brasserie des Légendes” and to taste local flavours at a bistro which uses local produce!