On foot

Walk along the banks of the Scheldt River, right in the heart of the nature park.

Right out in the country

Strange encounters in the Pays des Collines…

Artistic walk

Be marched up to the top of the hill!


Display a map to help you to plan your walk.

Explore our maps!


Get some fresh air into your lungs and follow the route! Over 60 signposted walks and hikes constitute an invitation to discover the picardy Wallonia on foot, and take you through nature parks and delightful little villages. Walk through forests, up and down enchanted hills and on greenways, or along the banks of the Scheldt River – artistic or bucolic wanders, at the water’s edge, with audio guides, special family routes and interpretative routes. Download the route which especially appeals to you! You can also go on walks through nature parks accompanied by nature guides; these are ideal for finding out more about the plants and animals around you.

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